Staff Travels: New Orleans

Staff Travels: New Orleans

There's no place like NOLA. The balmy air, verdant streets, charming architecture rich in history, music and, of course, local hospitality make for truly memorable trips and a deep, lasting affinity. Our staff photographer, Heather Sten, has been to New Orleans twice to date and has already made plans to go back again.  

Name: Heather Sten

Department: Photo

Destination: New Orleans

Reason: Birthday trip for my partner, Doug


Mode of transportation: Plane / Car / Bike

Travel companion(s): Doug the birthday boy.

Accommodations: An Airbnb boutique hotel - we were the only ones there!

Three must-have items for this trip: Sunscreen, a camera, and a belly ready for lots of wild food. 


Favorite eat: Cochon (the oysters I will remember for the rest of my life), Peche for all things fish, Parkside Tavern for po'boys, Liuzzas By The Track for gumbo.

Favorite spot: Bacchanal, where you can buy a beautiful bottle of wine and then sit in their lovely backyard, underneath the oak trees during sunset, and listen to live music while eating prosciutto and cheese.


Favorite activity: Biking 20 miles around the city and through a luscious City Park.

Most memorable moment: It's between the retired 65-year-old man bought the whole bar Jell-O shots at 11 am and meeting this very sweet old woman named Betty who made us a bouquet of flora from her garden.


One word to sum up the trip: Intoxicating!

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