Before we were making clothing, we were curating our favorite pieces from our friends around the world.

We opened our first store in 1994 in NYC. It was a curated selection of Steven's favorite labels from around the world - the goal was to create a space where people could discover brands they've never heard of before in an unpretentious space.

Over the past 26 years, the store has changed a lot and we’ve developed it into an online store, but we still have the same mission: We want to have a space for labels we love and share them with the SA shopper. We want this to be a space to discover and fall in love with something new. That little store on Wooster Street has grown into something different, but we're still searching for new and emerging labels that excite us with their stories and products, and bringing them to you.


Steven Alan

11.11     A. Carnevale     Alessandra Mackenzie     ALXNRDA NYC  

 Angie Bauer      Aveta Studio     Bembien     Canava   

Coming of Age    Coyuchi     Demy Lee     Domi

  Framework Studios     The Great Eros       Harvest & Mill      

 Huma Blanco     INDI     Intentionally Blank      Jerry Grant   

Jungmaven    Kinn Studio    Kye Intimates     Lloyd

Look Optic    Lou     Merewif     M.Patmos

  MUSEO     Nymåne    Ochre Objects     Oddobody

 Olympia Etal     OOKIOH     Petite Plume     Sea + Pattern     SESSAH

 SUAI    Sugar Candy Mountain     Taka     Umber & Ochre     Vitamin A Swim   


Men's Brands A - Z 

Steven Alan

11.11     Alex Crane      Andrew McAteer    Battenwear     Craighill

Coyuchi     Druthers    Harvest & Mill

INDI     Jungmaven     Kyrgies     Look Optic

Petite Plume    Taka     Umber & Ochre


Home, Life, & Kids Brands A - Z

Aplat     Coyuchi    Craighill   Dame     Dusen Dusen

Eluo Beauty     Fable New York     The Floral Society    

Golde     Hawkins New York     Kinto     Leah Singh

Les Gamins     Mabo    Modern Sprout     Mylle     Norden     Peet Rivko   

 Petite Plume     Sigil    Tantuvi     Twenty One Tonnes     The Village Common   

Wovn Home     Yamazaki