Mike Perry & Anna Wolf

Mike Perry & Anna Wolf

There’s no time like the present to anticipate and embrace a holiday that’s often dismissed as cheesy or unnecessary. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day as a much-needed breather from the chaos of our day-to-day. Best friends and partners (both romantically and creatively!) for over ten years, Anna Wolf and Mike Perry embody the playful, lighthearted yet passionate spirit that we’re channeling this February 14th.

Despite their busy schedules, the two are deeply bonded and radiate an enviable closeness that probably comes from an innate understanding of the other’s passion as well as frequent collaboration and constant support. Anna is a photographer and the editor of Tidal Magazine while Mike is known for his work as a designer and animator but is really more of a multidisciplinary artist, now also the creative director of Tidal. We were lucky enough to score an invite into their charming Brooklyn brownstone and got to know the super successful creatives on a more personal level.

How did you two meet?

: We met while Anna was shooting a catalog for Urban Outfitters that I was working on in 2004. I was living in Philly and Anna was in Brooklyn. After a few months of dating long distance, I left Urban and moved to New York.

Anna: The shoot was something like 11 days. We started in Philly and then went to Oregon shooting on Canon Beach and Mt. Hood. The whole crew was super solid, we all bonded and a few of us are still good friends to this day. From the minute I met Mike it was just easy. About half way through the shoot I realized that I just loved being in the same room as him. 12 years later, I still feel the same way.

Anna illustrated by Mike, featuring the Maps Jumpsuit

Have you found you’re naturally drawn to other creative types or had you previously believed in the whole “opposites attract” thing?

M: Anna and I are opposites. Even though we are both creative we channel it in different ways. This is why we work well together. We celebrate each other's differences.

A: Ya, we make a really good team and balance each other out.

Have you two ever collaborated professionally? On what? Were you happy with the outcome?

M: We collaborate every day. We both run small businesses so we work as the other's advisor all the time. Anna also runs a magazine called Tidal and I design it. We are working on our 7th issue. It's a brilliant collaboration bringing together a ton of talented people.

A: Tidal is really my vision and baby, but Mike brings it all together and takes the content to the next level. As far as everything else - we are life collaborators. I feel like it goes so much deeper than any specific project.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

M: I love cooking. We make dinner almost every night. And since there's not enough time in the day - it’s helpful that your hobby is also something that’s a necessity.

A: Friends, chilling with our dog Bass, the beach whenever I can, reading, brunch, drinking mescal, terrible TV shows. The usual.

In one word, what’s the most important component of a successful relationship between two busy, driven people?

M: Dedication

A: Support

What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wishlist?

M: Anna and I don’t do Valentines Day gifts, and instead spoil each other whenever possible. If I were going to wish for anything on Valentines Day, it would be for every human on the planet to feel love.

A: I second that.

Photos by Heather Sten

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