We're in this together.

It’s unbelievable how quickly things are changing around our country and the world during this pandemic, especially in the city we call home. We think it’s our responsibility to lend a hand to those who are struggling during this epidemic - starting today we will donate 10% of all sales to the Food Bank for NYC.

These are our neighbors - even if you live outside of the city.

We’re all in this together. 


Beyond the developing hunger problem in our country, healthcare workers are in great need of the most basic personal protective equipment to keep them safe as they work tirelessly to provide care for everyone in our communities - they are a crucial part of ending this pandemic and they’re in the most vulnerable position. If you have access to face masks or goggles and you wish to donate them, please reach out to our Operations Director, Lucy. Her email is lcroft@stevenalan.com and she will be able to coordinate with you. While the most needed item is an N95 respirator mask, anything you may have, even from a DIY home construction project, is greatly appreciated. 

As always, our doors will continue to be open to brands that need extra help during this time by providing a platform for them to sell goods online while stores are closed down - please contact us at orders@stevenalan.com if you know any brands that align with our vision.

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