The Valentine's Day Cocktail That Will Impress Your Date with Forthave Spirits

The Valentine's Day Cocktail That Will Impress Your Date with Forthave Spirits

Immediately stepping into the distillery at Forthave Spirits you're greeted with a fragrant aroma of botanicals and a picture-perfect view of the Manhattan skyline. The walls of the bright, airy space are lined with various herbs and spices used in the distilling process and an impressive collection of vintage amaro overflows on a shelf in the corner. Co-founders Daniel de la Nuez and Aaron Fox started Forthave in 2013 in their kitchens in Brooklyn as a hobby, but it quickly expanded into what it is today: An all-natural distillery with three polished and perfected botanical spirits: Red (an Aperitivo), Blue (a Gin), and Marseille (an Amaro). 

Daniel, left, is pictured in the Staple Street Shirt in Navy/Green Check. Aaron is pictured in the Staple Street Shirt in Brown/Blue Check.

Although the spirits are absolutely delicious enough to sip on their own, it's always good to have a solid cocktail recipe in your back pocket to pull out for special occasions. We went ahead and asked Daniel and Aaron what they thought would be the perfect cocktail you should make for your Valentine's Day date that will make you look like you know what you're doing, but doesn't have a gazillion ingredients: 

The All-Natural Spritz

"Since we put so much care into choosing our ingredients when making our Red (all plant based, all pesticide free, no artificial colors, etc), when we make a Spritz, we recommend using a sparkling wine to match. We recommend using a “Pet’Nat” -Petillant Naturel — a naturally sparkling white wine. Our preference is the dryer, the better. The crispness proves the perfect complement to our Red. It will be the right mix of herbal, bitter, sweet and tart."

  • One Part Forthave Spirits Red
  • Two Parts Pet'Nat sparkling wine
  • A splash of club soda 
  • Orange Twist (for garnish)
Start with a wine glass full of ice, pour in Red, then top off with wine and club soda and stir. Don't forget the twist!

Don't just take our word for it, try it first.

Join us in Tribeca on Wednesday for a spritz on the house with Forthave Spirits.

Wednesday 2/13 | 5 - 7:30pm

103 Franklin Street



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